What is Rebalance?

Why should you join Rebalance?

Here’s just a few things you can expect from participating in a Rebalance Class:

~ A fun place to participate in activities, make music, play games, and have fun
~ An opportunity to meet new friends and make connections
~ Free food (need we say more?)
~ A time to take a break from school, work, and just have fun
~ A safe space to feel heard and talk about things happening in life

What does a normal Rebalance Class look like?

We meet for Rebalance once a week for 2 hours. Here’s what a normal schedule might look like:

5:00: Arrival
5:05: Introductions/Check-In with Everyone
5:10: Introduction to Activities
5:15: Activities
5:50: Dinner
6:15: RoundTables
7:00: Departure

Find the right class for YOU!