Rebalance for Your Student

A Guide for Parents/Guardians

What to Expect

We understand that as a parent or guardian of a student, it’s important to know what you’re signing them up for and how they will grow as a result of it. Below, you’ll find a checklist for getting your student applied for Rebalance and a few things you can expect while they complete the program.

  • Connect with Program Director, Megan Packard

Get in touch with Megan, our Program Director, on what class would be best for your student, as well as to answer any questions you may have about the program.

  • Complete Application

Fill out our application for Rebalance here.

  • Fund or Apply for Funding

You can pay for your student’s class directly online, or apply for funding through a variety of opportunities we have available through NCYFC.

  • Sign Up for a Class (select class type & time)

Choose a class based on your student’s interests, and what time works for you during the week. You can see a list of all of our current classes here.

  • Complete NCYFC Waiver for student

Our waiver is available online here.

  • Bring student to our center for class weekly

We’re located at 134 11th Avenue, Greeley, CO 80631.

  • Receive weekly reports about each class

Every week, you’ll receive a report from our coaches on what your student learned in class, any techniques & tactics that were used, and other coaches’ notes on how your student is doing. See an example weekly report here.

  • Receive information about more techniques

As your student makes their way through the Rebalance curriculum, we want to send you techniques and methods that you can use at home, too. This can include different approaches to dealing with their emotions, useful videos and tools for Trust-Based Relational Intervention, and much more.

More questions? See our Contact Information button down below. We look forward to talking with you and sharing more about our program!

Application Process

Choose a Class

Browse through our list of current classes for different groups – whether it’s an Obstacle Course-focus, Music-focus, or Art-focus, we’ve got something your student will enjoy.

Interest Form

Fill out our General Class Interest Form, and indicate which class (or classes) your student might be interested in. We’ll reach out to you within a week.


Complete and sign our Activity Waiver and Release of Liability, available online. Your student will need this to participate in any Youth For Christ activities.


“This group gave my son a real sense of perspective.  He saw others who have traveled further down negative paths and the consequences of them.  He had things explained to him in a different way than before and the group of adults seem to have reached him in different ways that were more understandable to him.”

— Parent of a Rebalance Student

“My kid told me that Rebalance was like his therapy except that he actually really enjoyed going to Rebalance. He grew so much as a result of his time in this group.”

— Parent of a Rebalance Student


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