Current Classes

Obstacle Course Class

Interested in P.E. and running around with friends? Try your hand at these activities every week in our skate park on campus: from blindfolded mazes, trick jumps, dodgeball, and more, you’ll love our Obstacle Course Rebalance Class!

Mondays – 5-7 pm
Thursdays – 5-7 pm

Music Class

Interested in making and playing music on your own and with friends? No music background is required! We’ll learn how to make our own songs, write lyrics, and use music technology. Join us for our Music Rebalance Class!

Thursdays – 6-8 pmCurrently unavailable

Art Class

Interested in painting, drawing, and other forms of multimedia art? You’ll love our Art Rebalance Class! Join us as we dive deep into creating, making, and understanding art both new and old.

Tuesdays – 4-6 pmCurrently unavailable

Skate Class

Love skateboarding or riding, or want to learn how to skate? Join our Skate Rebalance Class, where we focus on learning the basics of skating and how to ride. No skating experience is required!

Wednesdays – 6-8 pm

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