What is Rebalance?

Rebalance is a specialized program designed for young individuals who may have encountered notable challenges in their lives. The Rebalance program employs trained coaches who deliver activities and RoundTables with Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) methods (Through Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development, TCU). TBRI is a set of principles and strategies that give parents and professionals the tools to bring healing and well-being to children and adolescents who come from ‘hard places’ through CONNECTING — EMPOWERING — CORRECTING. Roundtable Facilitation creates a self-discovery process, which has been proven to bring personal transformation, as well as culture change in different groups. RoundTables employ two-way communication in a structured environment. Ideas are not taught; they are facilitated. We will have controlled activities specifically designed to activate the threat response system, so we can employ TBRI tactics to teach them self-regulation. Once they are in a regulated space, we will then facilitate discussion around a character value designed to help them thrive in our community.


Because of their histories, children who have experienced trauma have changes in their bodies, brains, behaviors, and belief systems. While a variety of parenting strategies may be successful in typical circumstances, children with histories of harm need caregiving that meets their unique needs and addresses the whole child. That said, we’ve found that any child benefits from a nurturing, trusting relationship with a safe adult.

TBRI® is used worldwide in homes, residential facilities, group homes, schools, camps, schools, juvenile justice facilities, courts, with survivors of sex trafficking, in faith communities, courts, with law enforcement, in clinical practices and beyond.

What are RoundTables™?

Every class, we gather around a table for dinner and a RoundTable Discussion – creating a space for self-discovery, personal transformation, and corporate culture change. A new character value is taught every week – such as Emotions, Listening, Boundaries, Influence, and more.

Ideas are not taught—they are facilitated. RoundTables™ employ two-way communication in our small group of <10 people for 30-45 minutes. During this time every participant is given a “voice” and the opportunity for a win.

The RoundTable™ Methodology creates an environment that is a key part of bringing change. Learn more at https://globalpriority.org/about/.

Our Mission

Northern Colorado Youth for Christ’s partnerships with other like-minded organizations enables us to give clients opportunities to become a part of the programming and activities of multiple organizations. To better ensure the long-term success of the client, we developed this program to simulate real-life emotional reactions to higher stress activities. This provides a safe environment for the youth to react and the coaches can then intervene and correct the negative behavior. We believe that any client, no matter their position in life, has the best chance of becoming successful adults if given opportunities to become active participants of pro-social community organizations and/or the faith community.

Meet Our Staff

Jeff Neel, Executive Director

Megan Packard, Program Director
Nate Cole, Director of Strategic Partnerships
Zac Valdez, Rebalance Coach
Trevor “Apple” Mekelburg, Rebalance Coach
Alec Street, Rebalance Coach

Jonathon Gonzales, Rebalance Coach

Moriah Alvarez, Rebalance Coach

Anthony Salinas, Rebalance Coach

Jonathan Van Den Berg, Rebalance Coach

David Bissell, Rebalance Coach

Zia Rios, Office Administrator /Rebalance Coach

Ruthie Roth, Rebalance Coach

Gabriel May, Rebalance Coach

Nathanael Roth, Rebalance Coach

Graham Thompson, Rebalance Coach

Gabe Isabelle, Rebalance Coach

Gabs Roper, Rebalance Coach

Our Advisory Board

Bryon Budensiek


Seth Bunting


Steffen Bunting


Jeanie Foster


Jildi Gentry


Jodie Redfern


Justin Vogel