It’s time to jump in and help them heal.

Over the last couple of years, teens have experienced an overwhelming amount of trauma and stress. Through the impact of COVID-19, drastic life changes, and social isolation, our generation’s youth need healing now more than ever.

“Young people are seeking meaning, and they are looking in new places and looking to new people to find and create it.” – Dr. Josh Packard

Learn more about Rebalance and what we do below. We’re thankful you’re here.

What is Rebalance?

Rebalance is a specialized program designed for young individuals who may have encountered notable challenges in their lives. Our initiative, guided by skilled coaches, is dedicated to cultivating essential life skills through engaging activities and RoundTables that utilize the Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) approach. Our efforts aim to address difficulties, like anxiety and general distress, fostering a sense of hope and resilience, particularly for participants who have experienced ongoing challenges.

Application Process

Choose a Class

Browse through our list of classes for different groups – whether it’s an Obstacle Course or our skate program, we have something your student will enjoy.

Interest Form

Fill out our General Class Interest Form, and indicate which class (or classes) your student might be interested in. We will reach out to you within a week.


Complete and sign our Activity Waiver and Release of Liability, available online. Your student will need this to participate in any Youth For Christ activities.


What People Are Saying

“This group gave my son a real sense of perspective.  He saw others who have traveled further down negative paths and the consequences of them.  He had things explained to him in a different way than before and the group of adults seem to have reached him in different ways that were more understandable to him.”

Parent of a Rebalance Student

“Our students have a lot of trauma – and our working with Rebalance is such a logical partnership to help them heal. They’re getting this extracurricular experience, but they’re also getting this really deep, therapeutic experience – whether they realize it or not. That’s why we partner with Rebalance.”

– Licensed School Counselor & Rebalance Partner

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What is Rebalance?
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